Portugal - The Simple Life

Going with the flow in Portugal

October 02, 2023 Dylan Herholdt Season 2 Episode 79
Portugal - The Simple Life
Going with the flow in Portugal
Show Notes

Emiliano Gutierrez is a CEO and businessman who has lived all over the world. At the time of recording, he was in Italy but he has called Portugal home for the last two years. Tune in to hear what Emiliano thinks about the start-up and tech ecosystem in Lisbon, how Portugal compares to other places he has lived, and the work he is doing with Raiz Vertical Farms. Emiliano also shares why he enjoys living the simple life in Portugal, with good weather, food, surf, architecture and amazing people…


"Portugal - The simple life”, an insider's perspective to Portugal.
We already know about Portugal’s fantastic weather, food and people. In this podcast, we go deeper to meet the people who make this country so wonderful.

 Dylan, who has made his life in Portugal, shares an insider's perspective on what makes Portugal the unique, beautiful and fantastic country it is. Join him and his guests weekly as they shed light on the incredible people, culture, history and lifestyle that make Portugal so appealing. A country where everyone feels like they belong.
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Thank you so much for listening, or as we say here in Portugal, “Muito Obrigado”!
Welcome to the simple life!